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tales of unemployment.

the adventures of hotcakes snake-charmer the third.

Hotcakes Snake-Charmer the Third.
18 May 1986
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Magen. Writer. Fangirl. Quoter of all things trivial.

This is mostly a fandom journal, where I yell about Star Trek and whatever bad television I'm currently watching. Fic/icons/"The Fun Stuff" is public, everything else is usually friend's only in case "grown-up" types try to hang out here. If you're looking for serious political discourse or talking about our feelings, I don't know why you came here, because I like to keep my internet for penises and fun-times and I make no apologies for that. Friend me, don't friend me, stalk me in the parking lot of my local WalMart - whatever you see fit.

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action figure theater, adventure time, astrophysics, awkward boners, being kafka-esque, being tyler durden, being uncool, black eyeliner, black holes, boy touching, british spies, bruce campbell, busty wenches, capslock, castiel, cephalopods, cocorosie, comic book stores, complex metaphors, cryptozoology, cthulhu, dean/cas, dinosaurs, dirty jobs, doctor who, documentaries, epic fail, ero-guro, experiments in terror, exploitation films, eye patches, fashion photography, fight club, finn and jake, franz kafka, fucking gary mitchell, fur, gary mitchell, gary/jim/bones, gay stuff, german engineering, giant squid, going to the movies, gqmfs, guro, guys named leonard, h.p. lovecraft, hair dye, homodrama, horror movies, interpol, interracial homo loving, jim/bones, karl urban, katamari damacy, kill bill, kirk/mccoy, lady gaga, lee pace, leonard cohen, leonard mccoy, leonard nimoy, lo-fi, marvelous misadventures of flapjack, mercury in retrograde, misha collins, mythbusters, mythology, nikola tesla, nite owl/rorschach, octopi, octopuses, peenie, piercings, plastic rings, pointing and laughing, psycho-analysis, purple lipstick, regular show, reservoir dogs, robots, rocking my socks off, sailors, science, sea monsters, shiny things, speculative fiction, squids, star trek, star trek tos, staying inside, stephen hawking, supernatural, swedish murder machines, the big lebowski, the boondock saints, the devil's rejects, the mighty boosh, the undead, thrift stores, throwing knives into heaven, throwing things at people, tom waits, turtles, tyler durden, venture bros., watchmen, writing, yelling "penis" at people, your mother


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